Webdesign, Google News, SEO, SEM, and Ebooks: Consultation and Training


Don’t let your words go to waste. Let me optimize your site, and help you reach more readers than ever before!

*Webdesign/SEO/SEM/Monetization: Why should you trust me to help you design, redesign, optimize or organize your website?

I have a strong proactive understanding of SEO based on technology and AI principles, rather than reacting to the latest Panda update: With a Master of Science in Information Technology, and a focus on artificial intelligence, I understand Search Engine Optimization from the inside out.

I can not only help you optimize your website for Google, and help you make the most of your WordPress SEO options, but also provide guidance in the area of content production – what type of content to post, and how to post it to make the most of your Google positioning.

I have been working with WordPress since 2011, and am ready to help you make your site look – and work – just the way you’ve always wanted.

*Technology: I have considerable experience with various types of advanced technology, and the ability to translate highly technical topics into language that anyone can understand.

*Formatting: I am familiar with various types of ebook formatting, and the process of getting ebooks accepted with a number of different publishing platforms, such as Smashwords and Amazon.com.

Google News: I have extensive experience in digging through Google’s hidden help files, and improving your chances of¬†application success. I literally wrote the book on how to Get Your Website into Google News!

Whatever type of assistance you need, I’m here to help! Check out my Services, Rates and read all About Me, then contact me to discuss your next project.

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