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If you’re not sure whether you need the Deluxe course or the DIY course on any topic, I suggest starting with the DIY course. If you find that you understand all the material as given, and have no questions, you’re all set! If you do have questions, you’re welcome to purchase consultation time on a per-question basis, or just purchase the Deluxe version of the class at that point, & I’ll refund your charges for the DIY version.


SEO Basics: Theory (Deluxe)

This Deluxe course includes quizzes, homework assignments, a direct channel to the instructor for any and all questions relating to this course material, and a certificate upon completion.

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SEO Basics: Theory (DIY)

This course provides the lectures, graphics, and information you need to learn the basics of SEO Theory, but without graded quizzes or assignments, answered questions, or certificate of completion. Pay for Q&A as you go, if you need help.

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SEO Basics: Website Organization

This course will cover organizing your website with SEO (and your reader) in mind. From categories and tags to pages, posts, and widgets, prepare to get organized!

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