Google News Accreditation Made Easy

Are you ready to take your website to the next level?

Ready to watch your page views shoot up with every new post?

Ready to start getting spammed by link-baiters offering to pay you a pittance for placing links within your carefully crafted, high-profile website?

OK, that last part isn’t so great, but being popular has always has a downside.

Getting accepted into the Google News feed can be difficult – especially if you don’t know your way around the Google help files. They don’t make it easy, as the information is spread around in many many different locations, and the application even has a number of ‘trick’ questions to try and trip you up!

Don’t worry. My new ebook is your ticket into the Google News Accreditation program! With a careful and clear explanation of each aspect of the program, a simple checklist for each action item that you need to complete, and even a step-by-step walkthrough of the Google News Application to make sure you don’t get caught by any sneak-attack trick questions, this handy guide will help you through the process every step of the way.

Review by EricaSays at BlogByNumber

This amazing ebook is a quick read, packed with easy to folowhow-tos. Victoria explains what Google News is looking for in a blog from individual posts to the structure of your categories, sitemaps and more.

I learned so much from this book and consider it worth every penny I spent. The checklists are a really nice added touch and understanding how Google News works has made me really excited!

Why should you apply for Google News accreditation?

Bonus Number One: Submitting to Google news is FREE.

Bonus Number Two: You don’t have to have any name-recognition at all, or a big budget or a fancy website – Google News isn’t just for CNN or MSNBC. If you’re a new, or up-and-coming site, Google News will help you get your name out there fast, so that you can build a reputation for quality news content!

Bonus Number Three: The increased page views will boost your value in the eyes of advertisers, which means more income, whether you are using Adsense or private-party ads.

Bottom line: You can get your website in the Google News feed, if you meet a few simple qualifying criteria, and add a few simple features to your site.

Ready to get started? Download your copy today!

In addition to a clear and simple explanation of everything Google needs in order to approve your website, I’ve included a comprehensive checklist of action-items, AND a walkthrough of the Google News Application. Yes, they do try to trip you up with some trick questions, so follow this guide carefully to improve your chances of getting into that news feed as soon as possible!

Review by Mark Egdall of Mark’s Modern Physics

I think this eBook is terrific. So easy to read, so much information, so much detail. And the appendices are most helpful. It all reads as very knowledgeable, friendly and encouraging. It should be a tremendous help to anyone who wants to know how to get their site on Google News.

Download Now!

Even better, anyone who purchases Google News Accreditation Made Easy will receive 25% off of my normal hourly rate for SEO or Google News consultations. This ebook will pay for itself in just one hour!

Download Google News Accreditation Made Easy Today!

If you’re not satisfied, return it for a full refund. Have a question? Email me at or join the Your Site in Google News Facebook group!

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