SEO Packages:

Full Site Evaluation – large site (10 or more pages, online products/e-commerce, etc): $600.00: Includes extensive digital report, with prioritized list of action items.

Full Site Evaluation – small site (<9 pages, <5 categories, etc): $300.00: Includes digital report, with prioritized list of action items.

Once your evaluation is complete: I can either help you fix the action items or fix them myself, or some combination of the two – all billed at my hourly rate. Hint: Letting me teach you or someone on your staff to do many of these tasks yourself results in a considerably lower cost. Once I teach you the concepts, you’ll usually find that it’s not as hard as it looks. 

Web Design and Site Repair Services:

Let me help you achieve your business goals – without all the headaches. I’ll work with you to sort out exactly what you need, and then, take care of all the details.

Small Business Special: 1 Basic static website… Up to 3 pages, Up to 2 custom email addresses plus forwarding to your existing email accounts, one year of hosting, changes and support as needed for 1 year: $500. 

Even Smaller Business: Do you just want a landing page? I’ll set you up with a one-page website, with one email address, and one year of hosting and support for $350.

Mid-Size to Large Businesses: If you have a mid-size or larger business, chances are, your website needs are going to be more extensive. You might need an e-commerce solution so you can sell your products on your website – maybe you’re already selling your products somewhere, but can’t get the products on your website. Maybe you’ve already got a website, but it’s broken, or very outdated – I can help with all of these issues. In these cases, updates, repairs, or a new website design could cost anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000.

Not sure how much it would cost to achieve your vision? Get in touch:

Server Administration

Having trouble with your server? Changing service providers? I can keep your server up and running, and virus/vulnerability-free for a flat fee of 200$ per month.

All Services By the Hour

If you don’t want to negotiate a flat fee for your project, or you have a smaller project, or your website is crashing or you’re getting a strange error you can’t explain or fix –  I’m happy to help.
I provide training/evaluation on individual areas of your site, such as SEO or monetization, and fixes of existing code or functionality, tech support or troubleshooting, and other services at a rate of $120 per hour. I charge a discounted rate for various groups, such as military veterans, permanently disabled individuals, single parents, and registered 501(c)(3) non-profits. If you think you might qualify for a discount, feel free to ask!


I’m a firm believer in supporting small businesses, and know that when you run a small business, cash-on-hand isn’t always available. Feel free to suggest a bartering solution, if you’d rather trade than pay cash.

Do you have questions, or need help with your site? Contact me today!