It is my pleasure to have worked with and for some truly amazing people! I’m always grateful to hear feedback, and am pleased to share some feedback with you.

McClure’s Family Farm: 

“We are so pleased to have Victoria on our side. She has been invaluable in setting up our website and guiding us through the murky waters of the internet and all things technology! We’d be lost without her & all of her knowledge.”

Master Herbalist Kristie Miller: 

“Do you have a website problem that is making you want to cry??  I know a website master!  Her name is Victoria Nicks, and she saved me from the picture nightmare I was experiencing on our Land of Havilah Herbals store page.  (See how nice it looks now? That was the magic touch of Victoria!)  I cannot recommend her highly enough, she is absolutely amazing and a JOY to work with!  Her communication is off the charts amazing, and she works very quickly and efficiently, and she kept me informed every step of the way.  Hats off to Victoria, the WooCommerce Website Master!”

Beth Raps

Victoria is helping me “get” SEO for my website through both consultation and teaching. I have looked for years for someone who could explain without dumbing down, teach while inspiring, and provide analysis tracking results during consultation. Victoria is IT! (pun intended :))

Dawn Smith:

“Working with Victoria is a real pleasure. At Decoded Science, she is an enthusiastic and supportive leader, helping her writers in any way she can. When I needed help getting my personal website up and running, Victoria was right there, working closely with me to get the job done. Her efficiency and creativity made what had been a dreaded task, an enjoyable experience.”

Darla Sue Dollman:

“Victoria has a special talent for website organization and her knowledge of website design is obvious from the moment she starts working on a project. She listened carefully to my goals and met them perfectly. I highly recommend her work.”

Helen Krasner: 

Vicky is an absolute gem; I’m so glad I ran into her.   She has given me a lot of advice about my personal website; I was pretty lost when it came to SEO, and she was really helpful.  Her help has also been invaluable when it came to formatting my ebooks; I don’t think I could have managed it without her.   I have no hesitation at all in recommending her.

Jennah Scofield: 

Victoria is truly a genius! In this technological world of complex answers and hard to find solutions, she has quite simply just made my whole day easier with her quick response and knowledge base.. Thank you!

Erica Mueller: “Victoria has been the most amazing Editor. Always organized and on top of things. Her skills and dedication are the reason MomPrepares.com is a success. We couldn’t do it without her!”

Tricia Edgar: “Victoria is an outstanding writer with an eye for great content and solid SEO savvy.”

Ira Mark Egdall, author of Unsung Heroes of Modern Physics:  “As founder, chief editor, and administrator for DecodedScience.com, Victoria Nicks signed me on as a writer in 2011. Her editing skills are excellent and supportive. She always has a positive, upbeat attitude. She has helped me become a better writer. Victoria also encouraged me to write my first book, which she edited and published under Decoded Science. She worked as a collaborator and guided me on how to put the book together. Her knowledge of the technology, the formatting, as well as her consummate editing skills made producing the book a breeze. She is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her for professional writing services.”

Clara Piccirillo, PhD: “Vicky is an excellent and competent editor, very well organized, always supporting and encouraging the writers. She started the website Decoded Science from scratch, and turned it into an established and well recognized website in the science community. I learned a lot from her and I surely recommend her work.”

Hazel Trego: “Victoria provides the kind of editorial support that is practical, professional, and easy to hear.”

Jill Browne: “I met Victoria the online writer when I was working as an online editor. Her articles on Artificial Intelligence in particular were always well-researched and engaging. She has a great talent for spotting interesting and important science stories. She’s also personable and effective in communicating with people online, a talent that isn’t that easy to find.”