Turn Your WordPress Blog into a Multi-Author Website in Just One Weekend!

You’ve got a blog, but you want to upgrade to a multi-author website. It sounds really complicated… But, don’t worry – it is amazingly easy┬áto transform your blog – even in just one weekend – if you have a guide and a handy checklist to follow. But where can you find a simple-to-follow guide to transforming your WordPress blog into a Multi-Author Site? Right here, that’s where!

Having a multi-author website offers many advantages, including:

1. A place to put all your extra content after another content site collapses or has other administrative issues.

2. A site that will continue to grow, even if you don’t personally write a new article or post every single day.

3. A site that you can submit to Google News, potentially gathering a tremendous increase in revenue and traffic.

Running a multi-author site can be a lot of responsibility, but it can also bring big rewards, as multi-author sites have a tremendously increased revenue-potential due to the higher level of content published. When you’re ready to take your website to the next level, order this ebook – it just takes one weekend to make a huge change in your site’s earning potential. (Less if you’ve got experience with WordPress)

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